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As is occurring with many Latin American countries, e-commerce is booming in Mexico. According to Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysis, e-commerce in Mexico will grow from US$29 million in spend in 2018 to US$57 billion by 2022—99% growth in that 4-year span.

But for e-commerce directors, digital marketers and payments professionals, it’s crucial to go beyond the broad numbers to understand digital consumer behavior and preferences in Mexico. AMI has conducted extensive market research into the e-commerce purchasing habits and preferences of digital consumers in Mexico and other countries of Latin America.

The brief report below details key aspects about digital consumers in Mexico based on e-commerce studies for key markets in Latin America, including:

  • Top e-commerce payment methods used in Mexico
  • Preferred online payment methods in Mexico by product category
  • Frequency of online shopping by digital consumers in Mexico
  • Preferred payment methods for digital subscriptions in Mexico
  • Use of prepay vs. recurring payments for digital subscriptions in Mexico

And much more.

Please click on the report cover below to download a copy.

Going Further

Beyond this particular digital consumer study for Mexico (and a similar one for Brazil), AMI specializes in research and market intelligence for the LatAm e-commerce in a number of key areas:

  • Identifying the major payment methods used in different Latin American e-commerce markets to help merchants with strategic planning, market entry and market expansion
  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help merchants analyze their customer data for a deeper understanding of e-commerce shopper behavior and tendencies so as to refine their marketing tactics, messaging and consumer outreach

Contact us if your company has specific data, market research or market intelligence needs regarding the e-commerce market in Latin America or in specific markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

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