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New presidents have taken office this year in Chile, Costa Rica and Paraguay, but more races have yet to be decided:

  • Colombia (runoff set for June 17, 2018)
  • Mexico (presidential elections in July 2018)
  • Brazil (presidential elections in October 2018)

How should companies operating in these Latin American markets prepare? Will new presidents make that much of a difference—or will things stay basically the same?

On June 14, 3 experts in Latin America will cover these and other questions in a free webinar.

Eduardo Gamarra of Florida International University, Tim Padgett of WLRN and John Price from Americas Market Intelligence will discuss how companies should prepare for 2018 presidential elections due to specific considerations that include:

  • Sweeping changes that could be introduced by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the current frontrunner to become Mexico’s next president
  • Possible rollback of reforms in Brazil that were approved under current president Temer
  • A spike in infrastructure spending in Latin America after years of stasis due to Java Lato and political issues
  • The possibility of Iván Duque overhauling the FARC peace accord

And much more. If you can’t attend the webinar on June 14, register anyway: you’ll receive a video recording of the webinar and presentation slides so you can go over it at your leisure.


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