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Note: This article was originally published by our sister company, Global Health Intelligence. Read the Spanish version here.

With more than 2,700 hospitals, Colombia trails only Mexico and Brazil in the amount of hospitals, making it an important market for medical equipment manufacturers.

As revealed in Medical Equipment Market Report 2021, which was created by our sister company Global Health Intelligence (GHI), in 2020 Colombian hospitals grew significantly in the amount of installed base equipment, posting increases — which range from 1.6% to 60% — in 11 different categories.

As per the chart below from GHI, the country’s hospitals also show a solid penetration of different healthcare technology types:

Compared to 2019, Colombian hospitals improved in regard to the penetration of PACS while remaining stable in terms of the penetration of other forms of healthcare technology.

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In GHI’s Medical Equipment Market Report 2021 you’ll find a wealth of data about Colombian hospitals, including equipment categories with the highest growth in 2020 (suggesting future sales opportunities), data on key infrastructure components and much more. The report also features detailed data about Latin America’s other major hospital markets, such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Central America, Chile and Peru.

If you require more specific strategic data about Colombia, contact us to explore how we can deliver a customized market research study that will deepen your understanding of the competitive landscape in Colombia’s medical equipment market.


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