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In May 2022, Arthur Deakin, co-director of AMI’s energy practice, gave a presentation at the Guyana International Petroleum Expo.

Arthur’s presentation focused on the benefits and drawbacks of establishing a National Oil Company (NOC) in Guyana, as well as the implications it will have on local and foreign companies operating in the country.

As Deakin had said in previous coverage by the Inter-American’s dialogue Energy advisor, “The drawbacks of creating a national oil company (NOC) in Guyana far outweigh the benefits. The Guyanese government has said it is looking for an open, public bidding process for its remaining oil blocks where the most competitive bidder wins. Awarding this to a state-owned oil firm, or limiting key players from participating, goes against that—especially since some of the participating companies have local experience that could lead to economies of scale.”

We invite you to view Deakin’s presentation at the Guyana International Petroleum Expo below:

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