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As 2020 (thankfully) winds down, on one side of the risk-reward scale in Latin America we have rising mineral prices, booming e-commerce, a growth of digital payments that could finally lessen cash’s grip, low interest rates and the strong possibility that countries will privatize state infrastructure, including their postal systems.

On the other side, we have massive unemployment that could fuel criminality, depleted government coffers that could spike royalties paid by miners or the taxes levied on other successful sectors and a political backlash driven by the COVID crisis that could hit in Colombia, among other countries.

Investors and risk management professionals are all trying to process the mostly unprecedented events of 2020 to determine how to prepare. To help them, we have organized the 2021 LatAm Risk Symposium. For this online event, taking place on November 12 at 12:30 PM EST, we’re bringing together 10 risk analysts to cover the most pressing 2021 risks in more than 10 markets, such as Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Mexico, Peru and Suriname.

With all this ground to cover, we’ve set up a schedule to designate specific times in which we’ll discuss risks in particular markets. This way, people who decide to attend can log in at the time their country or countries of interest will be discussed. Of course, you can also attend the whole event, but since it will last more than 3 hours, tuning in to specific country risk assessments may be more efficient, timewise. For those whose who want to go through the whole presentation but can’t do so on November 12 itself, we’ll distribute a video of the entire presentation. This way, they can review the video when they have more time.

Finally, the 2021 LatAm Risk Symposium will be a bit different than our usual webinars because it won’t be one presentation after another. Instead, it will allow audience members to ask panelists questions and drive the discussion that way, as opposed to processing the contents of one slide after another.

While 2021 may not offer the upending type of events we saw in 2020 (at least we hope this isn’t the case), there is still a lot to prepare for, such as the enduring effects of COVID, political challenges, challenging prospects for recovery and much more. The 2021 LatAm Risk Symposium will offer investors and risk management professionals additional perspectives from leading risk analysts that should help them forge more effective plans for navigating 2021 in LatAm to reap more rewards while minimizing or mitigating risks.

Visit here to find out more about the Symposium.

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