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In a recent (July 21) Mining Coffee Chat, Dr. Remi Piet — director of the Natural Resources practice at Americas Market Intelligence — spoke with James Way Jones, who has led the Smart Way group for the last 20 years and carefully selects mining projects in Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa, among other areas. The focus of the discussion was best practices in conducting due diligence and counter-party risk assessments on projects in Latin America and Africa.

The implementation of traditional technical, environmental and sociopolitical due diligence reviews has become almost impossible with the restrictions on international flights. However, several organizations rely on vast on-the-ground source networks that allow a swift monitoring and quantification of above-the-ground risk and technical concerns.

During the course of this Chat, Mr. Jones detailed the methodologies his group uses to focus on projects that are highly sustainable over the long term and have a reduced carbon footprint compared to existing projects in the same region. The discussion also covered best practices to mitigate above-the-ground risks, as well as value creation strategies towards the building of a social license to operate.

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