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As cryptocurrency gains greater ground in the region, it’s more important than ever for Latin American payments professionals to track its growth, understand the use cases, access the latest data and, most importantly, understand what the data is telling us.

To that end, the payments team of Americas Market Intelligence has created a whitepaper featuring not only the latest data, but also an in-depth analysis of the implications of burgeoning crypto uptake for payments professionals, including fintech companies, financial services firms, issuers, acquirers and more.

Entitled The Cryptocurrency Revolution in Latin American Payments, this insights-laden report—available for free download from AMI’s site—addresses a wide range of strategic data on the cryptocurrency market in Latin America based on new research, such as:

  • 3 upcoming trends in cryptocurrency in Latin America that we can expect to see in 2022
  • The results from a recent study by AMI showing how many Latin Americans have already purchased cryptocurrency and which are interested
  • How crypto ownership in certain Latin American markets compares favorably with credit card ownership
  • The aspect of Bitcoin and Ethereum that attracts 8 out of 10 prospective cryptocurrency buyers in Latin America
  • New pathways for enabling crypto as a funding source for commercial activity, for both consumers and merchants
  • How money transfer companies are looking to use crypto for cross-border transfers in Latin America
  • How Facebook/Meta’s new Novi application is employing crypto in the U.S.-Guatemala remittance corridor

The report is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Next Steps

If you’d like to expand your understanding of crypto’s implications for Latin America even further, contact us to arrange for our suite of Crypto Education services for companies, assistance with enhancing your company’s thought leadership with crypto or a more extensive study to assist in planning or refining your specific initiatives within the crypto space.

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Keep up to date with our Payments and Crypto insights

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