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Free Report: The Road to Net Zero in Latin America


The Road to Net Zero in Latin America

How investors, energy companies and suppliers can maximize opportunities while avoiding pitfalls in the region's top 6 markets

On Thursday, February 10th, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) held a webinar on the opportunities and risks that investors face in Colombia’s energy sector. 

You can download the full webinar presentation here.

In particular, we focused on six main questions:

  • What are the best opportunities in the Colombian energy sector?
  • Is green hydrogen a feasible reality for Colombia?
  • What is necessary to offset the decline in the country’s gas reserves?
  • What are the major risks and challenges faced by foreign investors operating in Colombia?
  • Who is financing the energy sector in Colombia and who will fund the green energy transition?
  • Who are the leading front-runners in the presidential elections and how will the energy sector be impacted?

In addition to a keynote speech by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Diego Mesa, the Co-Director of the Energy Practice at AMI —Arthur Deakin — led a presentation and moderated a panel that included: Aurelio Oliveira, CFO of Enel Americas, Jorge Tabares, the CFO from Grupo de Energia Bogota, Pablo Barcena, the Head of Corporate strategy at Ecopetrol, and David Chelich, the Head of Global Energy Business Development for TMX. The panelists shared a wealth of data in this presentation, including:

  • The internal rate of return (IRR) for energy projects in Colombia
  • The most attractive energy opportunities relative to risk
  • The top risks that investors face and their respective mitigation strategies
  • The hydrogen plans of the leading energy companies in the country
  • The energy policies expected from Gustavo Petro, the leading Presidential candidate
  • The financing mechanisms for local and foreign energy companies

 Click below to see the full webinar:

You can also read the webinar presentation by clicking the link below:

Hidden Gems in Colombia’s Energy Sector: webinar presentation.

To find out more about how AMI can help to invest wisely in Latin American countries, please explore our energy practice areas. You can also check our analysis articles, which cover industry outlooks and discussions about the risks associated with the energy market in LatAm.

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