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After carrying out more than 2,000 client engagements for market intelligence, market research and competitive/business intelligence in Latin America over the past 20 years, our Americas Market Intelligence team has run into—and resolved—any number of barriers in this area. As with any other market, Latin America presents its own unique challenges when it comes to gathering market research, though clients are often unaware of them…or the extent to which they persist.

That’s why we put together a quick e-book that breaks down the challenges and best practices for conducting market research in Latin America, as well as gathering market intelligence and obtaining business intelligence in Latin America. Download it by clicking on the cover below:


The eBook begins with a look at 5 top obstacles to LatAm market research, including lack of trust, crime, corruption, technology problems and economic volatility. From there the report explores 5 best practices to keep in mind with Latin American market research, all based on our Americas Market Intelligence’s wealth of on-the-ground experience in delivering strategic data for companies across a wide range of industry sectors that we have researched, including payments, consumer, healthcare, industrial, logistics, mining and natural resources and more.

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