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While the saying “May you live in interesting times” wasn’t coined with Latin America in mind, it feels like it was. Unrest in Ecuador that includes talk of a coup, a constitutional crisis in Peru, scandals in Brazil plaguing the Bolsonaro administration, AMLO’s policies raising major concerns in Mexico, the possible negative impact on investment of the upcoming Argentina elections and many more challenges are contributing to these “interesting times.”

To help business leaders and investors parse these events and prepare for 2020, AMI recently organized a webinar entitled The 2020 Forecast for Latin America.

Key issues included:

  • Why there is so much voter angst today in Latin America and what is driving economic stagnation?
  • How low productivity and an aging population jeopardize LatAm’s short-term economic outlook
  • The effects of the U.S.-China trade war and the strong U.S. dollar on Latin America
  • Surprisingly optimistic projections from a September 2019 survey of Latin American divisional presidents
  • The dichotomy of Mexico’s strong export economy versus internal challenges driven to a large extent by AMLO’s policies
  • Why Brazil, despite President Bolsonaro being such a polarizing figure, is actually poised for a strong showing in 2020
  • The outlook for Argentina in 2020 given the political choices ahead and the recent economic blows it’s suffered
  • Why Peru’s political turmoil may not affect its economic performance in 2020

The webinar presentation is now available as a free download, and you can obtain it here.

But beyond political and economic challenges, AMI experts also analyzed key sectors and what to expect in 2020 in terms of:

The 2020 Forecast for Latin America was also recorded, and you can see the full webinar below.

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