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It’s all changed.

This is obvious, but what companies don’t know is how much things have changed, if there’s a possibility for a rebound or a long, drawn-out crisis that will have Latin American economies operating under water.

Companies also don’t know what opportunities are available in Latin America even with the coronavirus crisis hitting Latin America — and other regions — hard.

Understanding the challenges that companies are facing, AMI has developed a range of services to help them through the crisis.


#1 WEBINARS. On March 26 we held a webinar on the effect of coronavirus on e-commerce in Latin America. On April 2 we’re having a webinar covering the impact of COVID-19 on logistics/cross-border trade. On April 9, we have a webinar focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by the virus in terms of LatAm’s healthcare system.

Click here to view the March 26 webinar.

Click here to register for the April 2 webinar.

Click here to register for the April 9 webinar.

#2 WEEKLY COFFEE CHATS. These are teleconferences for industry professionals so they can grab their beverage of choice (mate instead of Cafecito, for example) and touch base with other industry professionals. Moderated by AMI practice leaders in payments, consumer services, logistics, energy and healthcare, the Weekly Coffee Chats will help you exchange ideas, challenges, solutions and news with other professionals in your industry who are also trying to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to explore the Weekly Coffee Chats.

#3 STRATEGIC PHONE CONSULTATIONS FOR CLIENTS. These calls will last up to 1 hour and there will be no charge for existing or previous AMI clients. You set up a call with the most relevant AMI practice leader and can discuss the challenges your firm is facing, pertinent data, analysis and more.

Click here to explore the Strategic Phone Consultations for Clients.


AMI also offers a number of paid services to help companies operating in Latin America to mitigate risks, handle challenges and find opportunities amidst the coronavirus crisis. These include:

#1 STRATEGIC PAID PHONE CONSULTATIONS. Spend one hour on the phone with an AMI Practice leader to kick off ideas for revamping your 2020 business plan, sales/marketing strategies and more. Their informed perspectives — driven by AMI’s 27 years of experience in Latin America and their own extensive project work in studying the region — will provide answers to your questions and pose new questions to consider as you re-set your regional strategy.

Click here to explore the Strategic Consultations for Clients.

#2 REVAMPING BUSINESS PLANNING. Companies need to scrap their 2020 business plans and start over. The challenge is they need hard, fresh data and an understanding of COVID-19’s impact in LatAm to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities. This is where our continual study of the region can help.

Click here to explore Business Planning.

#3 TELECONFERENCES AND WEBINARS. With teams grounded, we can help companies set up their own virtual conferences by providing materials and speakers, allowing companies to stay connected with key shareholders and clients. Our webinar services can provide you with research, analytics and speakers, while also hosting the webinar so you can provide thought leadership for your target audience, whether this includes employees, clients, stakeholders or the general consumer audience.

Click here to explore Teleconferences and Webinars.

#4 INDUSTRY MONITORING. Try as we might, it’s very difficult to stay abreast of changes and challenges involving your sector—especially in terms of getting the actionable data your company needs to make the best possible decisions to navigate the crisis and its aftermath. We’re well-experienced in monitoring industries for companies and can provide reports to senior management teams to help companies be aware of the most relevant shifts so they can re-calibrate their strategies.

Click here to explore Industry Monitoring.

#5 LATAM E-COMMERCE REPORT. We’ve created a report that factors in the impact of coronavirus and uses transactional data to help merchants and financial services providers understand payment methods, device use, cross-border vs. domestic transactions, preferred products and more. It can also be custom-designed to fit your company’s specific assumptions.

Click here to explore the E-Commerce Report.

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