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Despite major downturns in the Brazilian economy and a recovery that has been fairly modest, there are still some encouraging signs: A recent survey showed that Brazil’s Consumer Confidence Indicator rose 12% from December 2017 to December 2018.

Though there is still a long way to go, the fact remains that many Brazilians are more confident about things than they were just a year ago. Here is some insight into how Brazilians are buying now, to hopefully help retailers and manufacturers push those numbers even higher in the years to come.

#1 Brazilians Respond to Discounts

The recent Consumer Propensity Study interviewed 1,000 Brazilian consumers about their spending habits. Far and away, the most appealing factor to survey participants was discounts. Among respondents, discounts and promotions were a factor in buying for 74%. And 47% of respondents also said that discounts on related items were a motivator in making a purchasing decision.

#2 Brazilians Appreciate a Good Reputation

A recent survey of almost 7,000 Brazilians found that they are very conscious of a brand’s reputation, good or bad. The survey showed that 69% of Brazilians make buying decisions — whether to buy or boycott — based on a brand’s stance on social issues. What’s more, this number is up 12 percent from the year before, indicating a growing trend among Brazilian consumers.

#3 Brazilians Seek Purchasing Decisions Data Online 

When it comes to seeking information about their purchases, Brazilians are increasingly turning online. In fact, recent data from HubSpot indicates that more consumers turn to Google for information about products (51%) than family and friends (46%). When it comes to where Brazilian consumers inform their decisions, 72% chose Google, 56% used Facebook and 50% chose YouTube, among other online sources of product information.

#4 Brazilians Put Mobile First

Brazilian consumers are clearly turning online more and more frequently. Beyond that, it’s not just the Internet, but their smartphones that are becoming the top choice for making purchases. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Brazilians, 71% had made online purchases in the past 30 days. Among that group, on average around five purchases were made using the phone, while four were made on the computer. This may suggest a turning point in online buying habits, where mobile is gradually gaining ground over traditional online shopping.

#5 Brazilians Still Make Traditional Purchases, Too

Though Brazilian consumers clearly trend toward digital purchases, there’s still value in traditional brick and mortar stores, as well. Recent data shows that 79% of Brazilians are “omnishoppers,” which means they use both the store and the Internet in making a purchase. In fact, 64% of Brazilians will occasionally research products in a store before buying them online, while 62% will check out the product online before buying it at the store.

#6 Brazilians Can Be Quite Loyal

If a retailer or manufacturer can prove themselves valuable to Brazilian consumers, they will most likely be rewarded with brand loyalty. This was the result of a recent survey, which discovered that 76% of Brazilians identify themselves as loyal to a brand. What’s more, 70% said they would be disappointed if the brand they are loyal to was no longer available. It’s validation that a good product can still make a difference in this day and age.  

#7 Brazilians Are Interested in Healthy Products

Another trend you’ll want to know about Brazilian consumers is an increasing interest in healthy, natural products. Recent survey participants indicated that they’d like to remove soda, refined sugar and salt from their diets. In the same survey, they noted an interest in adding more nuts and other healthy foods.

In a separate study, Brazilian consumers were very interested in the information available on food labels. They were particularly interested in the sodium and fat content of a food, with 75% of Brazilians desiring this information. Also, 68% of Brazilians wanted to know the calorie information, and 65% desired to know the sugar content.

#8 Brazilians Use Online Evaluations

If you’re already an online retailer and are looking to attract more Brazilian consumers, a simple solution may be to add comments, rankings and other ways to evaluate your products online. Data from the Spiegel Research Center showed that the ability to rate products on a website led to a 270% increase in sales.

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