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We recently held a webinar on the huge shifts we expect to see in Latin America over the course of 2021 and beyond. In particular, we focused on 6 key megatrends:

  1. Disappearance of LatAm’s “unbanked”
  2. Instant payments displacing cash in Latin America
  3. Debit becoming top of wallet for purchases in Latin America
  4. The rising dominance of contactless payments in Latin America
  5. Bank-as-a-service over open banking in Latin America
  6. Mass small and medium enterprise (SME) digitization in Latin America

The panelists shared a wealth of data in this presentation, including:

  • Rates of smartphone penetration in Latin America for people 15 years and older
  • Rates of traditional bank penetration in Latin America markets, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, 2017 vs. 2021
  • Rates of digital bank and fintech penetration in Latin America markets, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, 2017 vs. 2021
  • Rates of digital wallet penetration in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and other LatAm markets
  • Data on transaction type volumes for Brazil’s new Pix platform
  • Factors that will determine Pix usage at the POS
  • Why debit card rails provide a clear path to P2P and P2M, following the Yape model
  • The usage of cash, credit cards and debit cards for retail payments in 2020 in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru
  • Analysis of payment methods used for face-to-face retail in Latin America in 2019 and 2020
  • E-commerce market volume in 2020 in key Latin American markets
  • Regional ecommerce payment distribution in Latin America in 2020
  • Projected regional ecommerce payment distribution in Latin America in 2023
  • CAGR for ecommerce payment methods in Latin America through 2023
  • Estimated contactless cards penetration of face-to-face payment volume in Latin America in 2020
  • Data on contactless card usage and penetration in Latin America
  • QR code usage for payments in Latin America
  • A timeline for open banking in Mexico and in Brazil

Access the 6 Megatrends in Latin America Payments Webinar Video

To view the webinar, click on the video below.

Access the Data

Click on the image below to download the webinar presentation, which features the research data and market intelligence on Latin America payments compiled by Americas Market Intelligence.

Available LatAm Payments Industry Data

Beyond what was shared in our webinar, Americas Market Intelligence has a variety of Latin American payments data types for sale, including:

  • Credit and debit card spend in Latin America
  • Top banks by cards and assets in Latin America
  • Total retail spend in Latin America and payment method breakdown
  • 2016-2024 e-commerce data for Latin America
  • Wallets and estimated digital wallet users in Latin America
  • Banking and smartphone penetration in Latin America
  • List of fintechs, payment facilitators and industry players and capabilities in Latin America

Contact us to find out more about pricing and packaging options for this data.

Going Deeper Than Data

While payments market data for Latin America can solve needs for certain companies, others may need LatAm payments market research studies so they can identify opportunities with markets, find partners in specific markets, understand what their competitors have planned, explore demand with certain segments, evaluate the impact of regulations and other business goals. In that event,

AMI’s experience in conducting more than 400 LatAm payments industry studies can be a major strategic asset. Our capabilities include:

Market landscaping

Opportunity benchmarking

Competitive intelligence

Consumer/end user research

Regulatory analysis

Thought leadership

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your company navigate these 6 payments megatrends successfully and increase your market share and revenues.

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