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Despite the economic crisis, Brazil remains a powerful consumer market and in fact, is trending upward in certain areas, such as e-commerce and mobile. To help brands target and serve Brazilian shoppers more effectively, we’re sharing some recent market research data that could be helpful to factor into planning.

#1 Brazilians Do More Product Research before Buying

According to a survey entitled IPG New Realities 2015, 72% of Brazilians prefer looking for product information before making purchase decisions—a significant increase from the 55% with this preference in 2011.

#2 Brazilians Rely More on Technology While Shopping

A recent study from Croma Marketing Solutions found that 60.4% of Brazilians intend to make purchases using self-service technologies within the next 3 years. The technologies that the 3,000 Brazilian consumers in the survey favor include apps (58%), self-service (58%), new payment methods (57%) and 3D visualization (44%).

#3 Brazilians Expect Fast Responses from Companies via Social Media

Three out of 10 Brazilians use Facebook to contact brands, according “The Omnichannel Evolution of Customer Experience.” This consumer study of more than 3,000 customers in Brazil, France and Spain shows that the majority (57%) of Brazilian shoppers expect a response from a company within an hour when contacting them via social media. Brazilian consumers are also significantly influenced by social media comments: 62% say they are negatively influenced by a brand when they read a post from an unhappy customer, while 75% say they’re more likely to use a product or service when they read positive comments about them on social media.

#4 Nearly 7 in 10 Brazilians Don’t See Beauty Products as a Luxury

According to research from Serviço de Proteção ao Crédito (Credit Protection Service) e pela Confederação Nacional de Dirigentes Lojistas (The National Confederation of Retailers), 65.7% of Brazilians agree that caring for your appearance is not a luxury bur rather a necessity. Nearly 25% of Brazilians also said that they spend more than they should on beauty. When it comes to deciding which areas to spend the most when it comes to appearance, Brazilians say they spend the most on clothes, shoes and accessories (40.5%), healthy food (40.2%), and body/face creams (34.5%).

#5 Brazilians Are More Tolerant (Relatively) of Bad Customer Service

After two bad experiences with a company, around 29% of Brazilians will stop using its services. This is in sharp contrast to more demanding consumers in other markets: 2 bad experiences is enough for 63% of German customers to drop brands, along with 56% of U.K. consumers, 49% of Australian consumers and 44% of American customers. These figures are from a recent survey done by ContactEngine. What’s even more surprising is that 25% of Brazilian consumers said they’d tolerate up to 5 bad experiences from a company before switching to a competitor.

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