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Latin America will soon change as a society and as a market in profound ways that will surprise many, even those of us professing to be expert Latin Americanists. The most compelling changes will come from i) the region’s self-propelled changing demographics and ii) a largely imported technology disruption. Together, these two forces of change will alter the political, social and economic landscape of Latin America at a pace and depth never before witnessed. Companies that ready themselves for these changes will embrace high growth opportunities. Conversely, firms that ignore these trends do so at their peril.

With our work in management consulting in Latin America—as well as gathering market intelligence/research and helping companies with competitive intelligence in the region—we’ve gotten a thorough look at these shifts.

To help our colleagues obtain a concise sense of them, we’ve created a presentation that breaks down the 5 megatrends that we believe are impacting Latin America. We balance granular detail with a 30,000-foot view to allow you to quickly skim to get at the essentials or to do a longer, deeper dive.

Our megatrends report will offer a range of helpful insights for professionals focused on Latin America that are responsible for business intelligence, consumer insights, marketing, e-commerce, digital strategies, political analysis and more. As additional resources, you may also want to consult our 2017 Latin American forecast, our breakdown of the top growth markets in LatAm, the role of technology disruption in Latin America—which is already affecting fields such as logistics—our breakdown of top Latin American e-commerce markets and challenges with digital wallets in Latin America.


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