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For several years AMI has been sharing its predictions for Latin America, and most recently it organized a webinar — which attracted more than 1,000 registrants — focused on its 2024 Forecast for Latin America.

Click here to request the PDF of the webinar presentation.

Scroll below to view the webinar video of the presentation.

Forecast Summary

The first part of the webinar focused on regional short-term trends and developments that will influence the 2024 economic, political and business outlook for Latin America.

These include:

  • Why 2023 economic forecasts were generally wrong and why the results were much better than expected (which we also covered in a different article)
  • How the anti-incumbency political mood is likely to give way to political rationalization in 2023-2024
  • Despite the concerns about newly elected populist presidents, 2023 has shown us that populists have been checked by surprisingly strong institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) will be flat, though AMI analysis and other sources suggest that the 2018-2027 CAGR for FDI will be strong for a number of countries, and we highlight the numbers for them
  • 2024 growth projection for Latin America’s economy—and how it compares to projected growth in other world markets/region like US, Canada, China, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, EU and more
  • Markets where we will see the most new net spending in 2024

The second part highlighted 5 specific longer-term trends that will impact Latin America not only in 2024 but through the rest of the decade:

AMI’s panelists analyzed these particular trends in terms of how they will affect different industries, speaking in broader terms but also indicating specific developments that they expect in specific countries. Among the broader discussion points were:

  • How AI will power up productivity while creating regulatory dilemmas and making certain industries obsolete
  • Which industries in which countries stand to benefit the most from nearshoring
  • Looming threats for fintechs, ride sharing and other disruptive businesses due to regulation
  • Why the gig economy is a two-edged sword for the region
  • The effect of new regulations to deal with climate change

Click here to request the PDF of the presentation and scroll below to view the video of the webinar, which features insightful responses from the panel to audience questions that will further deepen your understanding of the future challenges and developments in Latin America.

Next Steps

Contact us to find out how we can create a fee-based, 100% customized 2024 Forecast presentation for your leadership team. AMI’s team has crafted these for dozens of Fortune 500 companies operating in the region. The advantage of these data-driven presentations is that your leadership team can complement their internal insights with the expertise of Latin America’s premier market intelligence consultancy.

Beyond a customized forecast, we can also help your company answer difficult questions facing it, whether in all of Latin America or in specific markets, as well as helping you with:

EXPANSION via an opportunity benchmarking or partner study

GROWTH by revealing new opportunities in a country or sector

PERFORMANCE by delivering intelligence on your closest competitors

OPERATIONS by helping your team understand risks presented by regulatory, economic or political environment in a specific country or across the region

CONSUMER INSIGHTS by helping you understand what your customers want/need/expect, identifying future needs and current challenges with customer satisfaction

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP by helping your company establish itself as a top thought leader via a range of powerful content that will influence key audiences and stakeholders

And much more.

Feel free to explore the rest of our recent insights, our reports, our webinars and our case studies of successful projects executed for some of the world’s largest companies.

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