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Our partner payments team at Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI) recently held a webinar, deep dive into Latin America Payments Megatrends for 2023.

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Lindsay Lehr, Managing Director at PCMI led this webinar, and was joined by Sulivan Rocha, Brazil specialist at PCMI. They focused on three payments megatrends for LatAm and exposed well-rich data and analysis for each of them:

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1. LATAM PAYMENTS MEGATREND: The Lost of Volume Share of Cards in Favor of Pix

Focus areas include:

  • Pix transactions and volume by quarter, 20Q1 to 22Q4—and comparison to other transfer instruments: TED, boleto bancário, credit and debit
  • Comparing the share of Pix B2B to credit and debit cards in Brazil in 2022
  • Demographic breakdown of total amount of Pix users in Brazil, amount of individual Pix users in Brazil vs. businesses and penetration of Pix users in Brazil’s adult population
  • The amount of businesses in Brazil that have received a Pix transaction versus the total amount of registered companies in Brazil
  • Winning business models for Pix—transaction volume for P2P, B2B and others
  • How merchants are promoting Pix to reach new customers
  • “Low-cost ecosystem” of Pix and its vulnerabilities down the chain—and how BCB is trying to mitigate them

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Pix transactions by quarter and volume by quarter during 2022. Pix had 104 million transactions a day as of Dec 2022.

2. LATAM PAYMENTS MEGATRENDThe Expansion of Low-Cost Money Transfers

Focus areas include:

  • Penetration of instant payment schemes among Latin America: from ACH to wallet interoperability and RTP
  • Why Argentina, Colombia and Peru have the best chances of success in their Instant payment schemes: PMCI strategic analysis
  • Current acceptance fees for Pix, boleto, credit card and debit card among different companies such as PagBank and Cobrefácil
  • 5 opportunities with instant money transfers
  • Penetration rates of the most-relevant private RTP schemes of LatAm
  • Pix limitations to compete with credit cards

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Private schemes for open banking in LatAm and percentage of user per country adult population. Pix (Brazil) the highest with 80% penetration, Sinpe Movil (Costa Rica) with 77%, and so on. Nequi, Yape, Yappy and others.
Dollar shaped golden key and key hole.

3. LATAM PAYMENTS MEGATRENDOpen Finance Enabling Money Movement

Focus area includes:

  • What is open finance and its applications for data sharing and payment transaction initiation
  • A look at the stages that different Latam markets are in when it comes to open finance, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and the Dominican Republic
  • “Payment Initiation Experience Journey”—main advantages vs. the old process
  • 3 key use cases for payment initiation in Latin America
  • Current payment initiation enablers in Latin America and service providers

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Brazil is a regional and global leader in open finance. Brazil has a very developed open finance scheme, following Mexico, and lastly Colombia, Chile and DR.

The webinar wraps up with 5 key takeways about the 2023 megatrends, with predictions as to what to expect and new opportunities for payments ecosystem players.

Access the Payments Megatrends in Latin America Webinar Video

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Access the Data

Click on the image below to download the webinar presentation. This presentation features the research data and market intelligence on Latin America payments compiled by PCMI.

About PCMI

PCMI was born in 2022 out of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), the leading market intelligence firm for Latin America, with over 30 years’ experience providing market intelligence to leading corporations in the region. With payments and commerce transcending borders, AMI evolved into PCMI, to support our clients across the globe.

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