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Payments experts from Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence (PCMI), a subsidiary of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), held a webinar about Global Payments Megatrends for 2023, covering seismic shifts in Europe, APAC and USA.

Lindsay Lehr, Managing Director at PCMI, led this webinar. She was joined by a panel of experts that included Fabio Rocco, PCMI consultant for Europe, and Sandeep Bardia, PCMI consultant for India & APAC. The panel focused on four megatrends that are expected to dominate the global payments market in 2023:

Focus: 6 key success factors that are driving this expansion, along with data breakdowns for the hottest instant payments markets in Asia: China, India and Thailand, as well as the expected impact of the FedNow program on instant payments in the US

Focus: The impact of the PSD2 law in Europe on open banking, how governments are leading open banking in major Asian markets and challenges with open banking growth in the United States

Focus: 50+ global instant payment schemes in APAC promise to remove inefficiencies in X-border money movement, key developments within EU SEPA area and outside it, key players in xborder payments in Asia + major Asian integration cases, along with companies driving x-border growth in the US

Focus: the rapid growth of BNPL in the U.S., key players driving alternative credit in Asian markets + projections for BNPL market in Thailand, India and other markets, as well as 3 key trends with BNPL in Europe and an explanation of why this region is a BNPL greenfield market

The panelists started the webinar with a look at the economic context:

  • US Fed funds rate vs consumer inflation, from Feb 2022 to Dec 2023
  • Rates of real GDP growth for main regions and countries including USA, EU, Mexico, LatAm, Brazil, Africa, China, India, and the world
  • Top global cases of instant payments services, all based on their annual instant payment transactions from 2020-2022
  • The factors of success of instant payment schemes around the world
In 2023, global GDP will grow 1.5% with Africa, China and India leading.

Then they shared a wealth of data and analysis for payments in each region/country, including:


  • Penetration of cash, cards, and wallets for F2F retail transactions in Europe, 2019-2022
  • Preferred payments methods to buy online in Europe, 2019 vs 2022
  • Europe’s open banking and payment innovation landscape −from SEPA to PSD2
  • Europe’s top instant payment providers by country
  • Rates of P2P payments penetration in Europe, 2019-2022
  • Key takeaways regarding cross-border payments in Europe for 2023, within and outside EU SEPA area
  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL): European market leaders and trends


  • A deep dive into Asian instant payment schemes, with a particular focus on India’s UPI
  • China superapps WeChat and Alipay duopoly vs Digital Currency e-CNY
  • Cross-border integration of instant payments and top remittance corridors
  • How underbanked and unbanked are getting access to alternative credit in Asia, becoming a reference


  • Leading instant payments providers as of millions of users in the United States, 2019-2022
  • Number and volume of transactions 2019-2022 among the leading American instant payment providers
  • Analysis and potential use cases of FedNow, a U.S. government-led instant payment system that will be launched in 2023
  • Growth of BNPL in the United States during 2021—and keynote about US regulation by the CFPB

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About PCMI

PCMI was born in 2022 out of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), the leading market intelligence firm for Latin America, with over 30 years’ experience providing market intelligence to leading corporations in the region. With payments and commerce transcending borders, AMI evolved into PCMI, to support our clients across the globe.

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