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As technology evolves rapidly and Latin American consumers increase their appetites for e-commerce, the payments landscape is also shifting significantly.

We addressed the 2020 payments outlook for LatAm as part of our recent forecast webinar, but have created a specific payments-only forecast video, which you can view below.

In the video, Lindsay Lehr – director of the payments practice for AMI – highlights the following:

  • Data pointing to the surge of digitization in Latin America, which is counterbalanced by the strength of cash, as shown by the 2018 split of retail spend between cash and other payment methods in key LatAm markets
  • 6 mega-trends in Latin American payments to look out for in 2020, including the race for the superapp, payment cards giving away to payment credentials, terminal-less acceptance (via QR code use in Latin America) and more
  • A deeper look into the driving factors behind some of these mega-trends and what these shifts mean for the market in 2020

The video also features Lindsay answering questions from the audience, covering topics such as trends in B2B payment terms, the impact of digital banks and the response of banks via fintech, the use of cloud software by LatAm companies, up-and-coming publicly traded regional (Cross-border) companies and the startup ecosystem for investments.

Going Further

Beyond just payments, our 2020 Forecast covers a number of areas, and you can explore them here:

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Next Steps

If the video below sparks further questions that Latin America payments market intelligence can solve for your company, such as the use of payments methods in specific countries, the future of digital wallets in Latin America, the use of mobile apps for payments, the potential for QR code growth in LatAm markets or other concerns, please contact us.

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