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As we look ahead to 2020, for many companies the regional forecast may be less important than understanding what will happen in specific markets, since obviously conditions will vary and planning needs to reflect the individual circumstances in each.

With that in mind, we created a video of the Major Markets Forecast portion of our recent 2020 Latin America Forecast Webinar. You can view the Major Markets Forecast video below.

Based on AMI’s 25+ years of market research and intelligence work in Latin America, this more concise presentation will give you a quick but substantive sense of the 2020 outlook for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Why the massive protests in Chile occurred and what they mean for the country’s future
  • Why Brazil is poised for significant growth in 2020 in spite of President Bolsonaro’s polarizing effects
  • The dichotomy of Mexico’s strong export economy vs. its struggling internal economy and how AMLO’s policies have affected it
  • An analysis of why Peru’s political turmoil may not have much of an effect on its growth in 2020
  • The challenges facing President Iván Duque of Colombia in terms of governance, along with the future promise for key sectors of the Colombian economy 
  • The factors behind the unfortunate 2020 outlook for Argentina, regardless of recent Peronist victory in the presidential election

Going Further

Beyond just the major markets, our 2020 Forecast covers a number of areas, and you can explore them here:

2020 Regional Forecast for Latin America
2020 Payments Forecast for Latin America
2020 Logistics Forecast for Latin America
2020 Healthcare Forecast for Latin America
2020 Consumer Services Forecast for Latin America

Next Steps

If the analysis in the video below sparks further questions you may have, such as political or economic risks in certain countries, market assessments in these countries for your product, the competitive landscape in these countries for your products or other concerns in which more market intelligence would help your decision-making, please contact us.

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