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The massive growth of e-commerce and the rise of tech-driven start-ups has significantly affected the logistics industry in Latin America, and this will definitely continue in 2020 and in the years to come.

We addressed the 2020 logistics outlook for LatAm as part of our recent forecast webinar, but have created a specific logistics-only forecast video, which you can view below.

In the video, Diego Rodríguez – director of the logistics practice for AMI – highlights the following:

5 major trends impacting logistics in Latin America in 2020, including:

  • IT and digitalization
  • A tsunami of cross-border e-commerce packages
  • Changes in logistics regulations that affect large and small players in the region
  • Evolving logistics marketplaces
  • The reduction of environmental impact

The video also features Diego answering questions from the audience, covering topics such as how much the lack of infrastructure will affect logistics industry growth in Latin America, whether the U.S.-China trade war will move supply chains out of Asia into Latin America and why e-commerce in consumer packaged goods is so underdeveloped compared to other regions.

Going Further

Beyond just logistics, our 2020 Forecast covers a number of areas, and you can explore them here:

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Next Steps

If the video below sparks further questions that Latin America logistics market intelligence can solve for your company, such as market assessments, the competitive landscape of logistics providers in a specific market or markets, the need to generate new customer leads or some other concern, please contact us.

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