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We recently organized a webinar entitled The 2020 Latin America Forecast, offering not only a forecast for the region but also for specific countries and industry sectors.

The webinar drew 1,000+ attendees and covered a lot of ground.

The one challenge is that it ran more than 2 hours, including questions from the audience and our panelists’ answers. Below we feature different key industry segments that we discussed in the Forecast.

2020 Major Markets Forecast for Latin America
2020 Payments Forecast for Latin America
2020 Logistics Forecast for Latin America
2020 Healthcare Forecast for Latin America
2020 Consumer Services Forecast for Latin America

Next Steps

If our perspective on Latin America in 2020 makes you aware of key questions you’re wrestling with, such as market assessments, trends in a particular industry segment, political risk in a specific area or similar concerns in which having more market intelligence would help your decision-making, please contact us.

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