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There are several massive trends taking place in Latin America that will impact the healthcare system in both the short and long term. Understanding them will be crucial not only for patients and healthcare providers, but also for the medical equipment/device manufacturers that target Latin America.

We addressed the 2020 healthcare outlook for LatAm as part of our recent forecast webinar, but have created a specific healthcare-only forecast video, which you can view below.

In the video, Guillaume Corpart – director of the healthcare practice for AMI – highlights the following:

  • Challenges of access with regards to healthcare
  • Possible efficiency gains via supply chain and public/private systems working together
  • The difficulties of countries varying the metrics they use, such as for procedure codes

The video also includes some real-world case studies tailored to sales and marketing professionals in the medical equipment/device sector to help them understand how to uncover sales opportunities in Latin America with the hospital market.

Going Further

Beyond just healthcare, our 2020 Forecast covers a number of areas, and you can explore them here:

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Next Steps

If the video below sparks further questions that healthcare market intelligence can solve for your company, such as how to launch innovative products that lack market data for LatAm, solving issues with asymmetrical or unreliable market data or uncovering new sales opportunities with hospital accounts your sales team is unaware of or hasn’t fully tapped, please contact us.

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