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A couple of key trends are changing consumer services in Latin America, involving both the targeting of customers and the disruption of existing industries with new players and business models.

We addressed the 2020 consumer services outlook for LatAm as part of our recent forecast webinar but have created a specific consumer services-only forecast video, which you can view below.

In the video, Ricardo Álvarez – director of the consumer services practice for AMI – highlights the following:

  • How companies are evolving from 20th-century market segmentation (demographic, psychographic, situational, geographic) to a highly personalized, individual style of segmentation driven by two key factors
  • Examples of companies that are marketing to the “segment of one” in Latin America
  • The wave of copycat companies that learned from the initial “imported” disruptors and are now revamping the marketplace by impacting legacy companies in key areas through their service offerings

The video also features Ricardo answering questions from the audience, covering topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in Latin America for market research and general marketing analytics and the trends/technologies as far as personal assistants, smart home and integration with security monitoring services.

Going Further

Beyond just consumer services, our 2020 Forecast covers a number of areas, and you can explore them here:

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Next Steps

If the video sparks further questions that Latin America consumer services market intelligence can solve for your company, such how you can use AI and machine learning to more fully understand what your customers want so you can tailor your marketing tactics accordingly or how to defend your company against disruptive competitors, among other concerns, please contact us.

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