The Politics of Transgenic Mexican Tomato Distribution


Competitor Analysis


Our client, a leading life sciences firm focused on the agrifood sector developed a transgenic tomato that could live 4 times longer after picking. Mexican tomato producers had never been able to penetrate very deeply the US market due to poor logistics and a short shelf life. A transgenic tomato suddenly made Mexican tomatoes competitive across the US market, thereby threatening incumbent suppliers in Florida, Texas and California.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) consultants had to both predict the new logistical reach of a transgenic Mexican tomato crop as well as the political backlash and lobbying options available to the US tomato industry.

Our consultants in Mexico and the US interviewed industry, government, and lobbyist executives to gain comprehensive insights of the future of the industry.


AMI’s comprehensive report enabled the client to predict the lobbying actions of US tomato producers. This intelligence was shared by the client with the Mexican producers and their retail clients in the US so that they could prepare a preemptive lobbying strategy to help minimize the negative impact of US tomato producer staged PR attacks.

Client Benefit

The client was able to understand the competitive reaction that its innovation would provoke by enabling Mexican tomato farmers to penetrate the U.S. market.

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