Strengthening a PR Campaign within Mexico’s Energy Sector


Political + Reputational Risk Analysis


An international energy company interested in investing in Mexico needed guidance on how to develop its public relations campaign to support its differing levels of investment and exposure in Mexico. The Mexican energy sector was ripe for reform, especially regarding foreign investors, and knowledge of public opinion and the positions of stakeholders were required to launch a successful PR program.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) executed both primary and secondary research efforts in order to obtain a complete portrait of the industry. AMI conducted over 55 interviews with thought leaders such as legislators and other politicians, other foreign energy companies, associations and unions, media sources and the financial community.

This enabled AMI to properly identify the stakeholders and their views in the issue of a possible energy reform and give strategic recommendations as to what steps the client should undertake in order to strengthen its PR campaign.


AMI made a series of recommendations for the client’s PR campaign based on its findings, including a) to highlight the benefits of energy reform for Mexico regarding economic sovereignty, job growth, fighting corruption, etc., b) to begin communicating with the public before presidential campaigning begins in order to gain the public’s favor, and c) to discreetly lobby the most viable presidential candidates to take a neutral or positive stance toward energy reform.

These recommendations helped the client to appeal to the public and take greater advantage of business opportunities.

Client Benefit

AMI’s recommendations helped the client develop a successful PR campaign that would improve its reputation and the ease of doing business in Mexico.

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