Sizing up New Competitors in the Agricultural Equipment Industry


Competitive Intelligence


Our client, a global manufacturer of agricultural equipment with a long history in Brazil was concerned by the incursion of new Asian competitors into one of their largest markets. They needed to understand the level of commitment that these new competitors had to the Brazilian market and what investments they were making in Brazilian assembly, post-sales support, training, etc.


The assignment called for fairly complex competitive intelligence tactics because some of these competitors were only getting started in Brazil and the extent of their future plans were unknown to all but a few.

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) consultants were able to obtain knowledge of the competitor’s plans by interviewing Brazilian partners to those competitors, as well as government officials familiar with their investment plans.


AMI produced a report that analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and their specific expansion plans. Said intelligence was used by the client to craft a PR attack against each of the priority threat competitors.

Client Benefit

The client gained key intelligence on the plans, strengths and weaknesses of four new competitors in the Brazilian market. That insight was used to stage a PR attack against the new competitors before they could gain traction in the market.

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