Sizing up Competitors in the Mexican Logistics Industry


Competitive Intelligence + Analysis


Our client, a leading logistics firm based in Mexico, was looking to open new offices in various cities in Mexico, following its business growth plan. The client needed information on competitors and market conditions in order to accurately asses the potential profitability and makes informed investments.


Using both primary and secondary sources in Mexico, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) researchers collected data on six major competitors, including client base, industries serviced, services offered, pricing strategies, size and coverage, infrastructure, etc.


AMI’s comprehensive competitor profile delivered to the client provided the information needed to make astute decisions regarding its regional expansion plan. It was able to increase its competitiveness throughout the region and stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research provided the client with knowledge of six major competitors such as market share, services offered, pricing, geographical coverage, market served, etc. to guide its regional expansion.

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