Reputational Risk Management for Mining Company


Reputational and Political Risk Management


Our client, a diversified mining player, had invested in a Latin American market after negotiating for months with the national government a royalty agreement to be applied during the life of the project. With little warning, our client began to face public relations attacks from a wide spectrum of opponents.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) mounted a multi-faceted intelligence gathering program, profiling the actions and motives of the various actors working against the interests of our clients. Over the course of several months, intelligence efforts revealed that the opposition onslaught was in fact carefully orchestrated and coordinated by a few powerful opponents.


AMI’s intelligence helped the client to design and execute a complex PR campaign that helped to debunk many of the untruths voiced by opponents, court the support of neutral players who had developed negative views based on their opponents’ manipulation of facts and isolated other opponent voices by calling them to a public debate of the facts. The PR program helped reverse the negative tide of PR and much improved the operating environment and political standing of our client.

Client Benefit

AMI’s intelligence gathering program helped the client to mitigate negative press orchestrated by its opponents and improve its image in the public eye.

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