Reputational Research for Medical Equipment Manufacturer


Repuational Research; Partner Research


Our client, an American manufacturer of medical equipment and consumables, was looking to enter a new market via a distributor.
The distributor had a mixed reputation and our client wanted to ensure they would be a reliable partner that did not have any “skeletons in the closet.”


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted a reputational due diligence audit by visiting and interviewing the subject in Colombia and the U.S. Interviews were conducted with leading members of the organization and were complemented by a visit of the warehouse, import docks, and administrative offices.

AMI then sought to obtain an impartial view from market players, including equipment manufacturers, distributors, existing clients and potential clients.


Key attributes were identified and quantified in order to evaluate the potential distributor.

The information delivered by AMI gave the client clarity as per the potential challenges (and benefits) in working with this partner.

Client Benefit

AMI enabled the client to get an objective assessment of its potential partner.

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