Redefining Customer Segmentation in LatAm Payments


Best Practices Research


Our client, a leading Latin American consumer finance firm, was stuck in its old ways of defining customer segments. As a result, their ability to penetrate the market had plateaued.

In search of untapped customer niches and product development opportunities, the client hired us to analyze its customers and devise a new way of segmenting.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) was handed by their client more than 30 market research studies completed over the last five years and given a month to come up with a new segmentation approach.

A small team at AMI absorbed the research and added internal insights to the process. Then the team generated three PowerPoint decks to be presented in a brainstorming session at the client’s office with eight senior product and marketing managers.


AMI led the client through a full day (10 hour) brainstorming session, guided by AMI analysis housed in the three PPT reports.

The output of the brainstorming session identified no less than six different product opportunities that could be used to address underserved client niches.

Client Benefit

The client re-conceptualized how it segments its customers and in doing so, brainstormed a number of new product developments.

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