Reaching a Consensus on Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning


This client competes in Latin American logistics. To pursue growth, they have many options, including different service lines, geographic focus and even client segments to choose from. Reaching consensus as a diverse and scattered management team is next to impossible. Yet, without consensus, there is no companywide buy-in to new growth initiatives and investments underperform.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted one-on-one interviews of the senior management team to survey their ideas of how the company should grow. Next, AMI researchers put together a comparative report that analyzed 15 business ideas.

To reach consensus, AMI leaders facilitated a large workshop/focus group that discussed, evaluated and eventually choose four business ideas which could help drive company growth in LAC over the next half-decade.


During the workshop, not only was consensus reached on the best business ideas, but in fact considerable time was spend brain-storming how best to implement each of the four initiatives.

Client Benefit

AMI helped its client select four business ideas that will drive their LAC growth over the next five years.

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