Pursuing the Best Regional Opportunities in the Commercial Card Segment


Opportunity Benchmarking


Our client, a global leader in the payment industry, was seeking to identify the best opportunity for growth in the Caribbean region, determining which Caribbean markets and which commercial segments were most promising. This required a comprehensive understanding of issuer’s attitudes towards commercial products versus the unmet commercial card and platform needs of large and mid-size companies.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted a three phase study that consisted in 1) interviewing key stakeholders in four Caribbean markets to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of their electronic payment industries and identify the three most promising commercial segments; 2) Conducting focus groups with corporate treasurers and CFOs from the three selected segments to understand their general needs; and 3) Designing and administering electronic surveys of business owners and CFOs to identify the specific unmet needs.

AMI made specific card product and marketing recommendations.


AMI’s recommendations helped the client to create a suite of new products and helped them fine-tune their marketing and sales approach.

Client Benefit

AMI’s guidance helped the client to identify the best opportunities to expand their commercial product presence in the Caribbean and specific steps to do so.

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