Proactively Beating the Competition in Pharmaceuticals


Competitive Intelligence + Market Assessment


Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company and manufacturer of a multiple sclerosis drug, wanted to assess the potential threat presented by pharma companies in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, who would soon be able to manufacture competing generic drugs upon expiration of the client’s patent.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) designed a study consisting of two phases including 1) identifying generics targeting the client’s product and the regulatory environment surrounding generic launches and 2) identifying how far along competing generics were in the launch authorization process and the market readiness for such launches.

To collect this information, AMI analysts consulted with government drug regulators, clinical study labs, physicians and medical buyers, pharma company employees and journalists, consultants and other experts in the three countries being studied.


AMI’s report allowed the client to foresee potential threats to its product in the three markets well in advance and prepare for such threats accordingly. This helped the client to protect the market share of its originally-manufactured product and defend against encroaching competition.

Client Benefit

AMI enabled the client to assess the threat of competitors in four countries, proactively defending sales of its star product.

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