Political Risk Analysis for Energy Sector in Mexico


Political Risk Analysis


The client—a foreign energy company hoping to compete in Mexico—was concerned about the energy sector plans of a leading Mexican industrialist. The client needed to understand in which energy sectors the industrialist plans to compete and what advantages he brings to a play in oil and gas.


A well-positioned affiliate of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) in Mexico sought out discreet interviews with leading executives in the Mexican government who know better than any the future configuration of Mexico’s energy reform. Then, our consultant interviewed leading executives from the inner circle of the target industrialist. Additionally, others who might partner with the industrialist in the energy sector were interviewed.


AMI provided the client with an insightful report that showed where the industrialist is likely to compete, with whom he is likely to partner and what advantages he can leverage through his firm’s relationships with leading Mexican government officials.

Client Benefit

AMI was able to predict the strategic plans and direction of a leading competitor who most predict will be difficult to beat in the politicized reality of a reformed Mexican energy sector. Knowing where said competitor will operate helps guide our client’s own Mexican strategy.

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