Opportunity Benchmarking for 3PL Logistics Firm in LatAm


Opportunity Benchmarking; Market Assessment


Our client, a leading supplier of logistics, was looking to deepen its penetration of several intra-LatAm 3PL markets where clients both import and export portions of their sourcing and distribution patterns.  The client sought to identify those client verticals that both forecast strong outsourcing demand as well suffer from underservicing by existing suppliers.


AMI conducted interviews with dozens of complex 3PL buyers in multiple industry verticals to understand how they utilize 3PL, which services they outsource versus in-source, the level of complexity of their needs and how they view the leading suppliers in the market.  Furthermore, AMI consultants profiled and evaluated ten different 3PL suppliers.
The results conclusively pointed to two viable customer verticals and how to penetrate them strategically.


AMI’s analysis led the client to decide how, when and with whom to enter the cross-border 3PL market.

Client Benefit

Thanks to AMI’s research, the client was able to focus on the most viable customer verticals, rather than clutch at opportunities in multiple sectors.

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