Monitoring the Developments of Mexican Energy Reform


Political + Reputational Risk Analysis


Our client, a global consultancy, served the market intelligence needs of a global energy firm.

The energy client wanted greater insight into the industrial groups who led  pre-legislation lobbying efforts in Mexico in order to pick the most viable partners for future opportunities emerging from reforms.


The responsibility for Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) as a subcontractor to the global consultancy was to monitor the behind the scenes negotiations that heavily influenced the draft and design of Mexican energy reform during the first six months of 2014.

We obtained our information via sources developed both within government circles as well as individuals working within the industrial groups leading the lobbying effort.


AMI provided the client with report updates every two weeks. There were fundamental questions asked at the beginning of the assignment that was updated throughout. There were also ad-hoc questions that emerged that we answered with the help of our sources.

Client Benefit

Monitoring the political back-room negotiations between government and leading industrial groups in Mexico provided our client with a much clearer understanding of which groups are best poised to win which concessions and therefore make the most viable partners for a foreign supplier like our client.

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