Monitoring Market Performance to Gain an Edge


Market Size + Market Share


Our client, a global leader in medical imaging equipment, wanted to monitor the market size for radiography, ultrasound, tomography, anesthesia and contrast imagery equipment as well as electrocardiograms and defibrillators.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) relied on its proprietary hospital demographics database in order to establish the installed base of equipment.

AMI then sought to obtain detailed import data in order to assess sales. The import data was delivered on a quarterly basis in order to identify any fluctuations in the market and enable the incorporation of the data into quarterly sales planning.


The information delivered by AMI enabled the client to get a solid understanding of the potential market.

Furthermore, the constant monitoring of the market gave the client unique visibility into sales, market share and competitor’s transfer pricing.

The information was used during quarterly budget reviews and annual sales planning.

Client Benefit

AMI enabled the client to monitor the value and volume of medical equipment being sold, as well as understand the market share of its principal competitors.

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