Medical Tourism Market Study for Mexico


Market Assessment


Our client, a leading health care provider and hospital network in South Florida, was looking to Cancun and the surrounding area to attract more international customers to its health care facilities in South Florida. To do so, it needed to collect information on the supply, quality and cost of health care services in the region, as well as income distribution and demographic information of its population.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) consultants in Miami conducted secondary research from public health and statistical institutions to gather information available publically. In addition, an AMI partner residing in Cancun conducted interviews with hospital administrators, private insurance providers and associations to gather insider information on the number of health professionals working in the region, the most commonly provided services and the average cost of such services at various hospitals and clinics in the area.


The AMI report gave the client visibility into who its target customer base was and the current supply of health services in the target region, enabling it to optimize its marketing efforts in the area to showcase its services and attract new customers.

Client Benefit

AMI revealed how the client could best market toward potential new customers by gaining insight into local competition and costs.

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