Market Strategy Research for LatAm Health Insurance Company


Opportunity Benchmarking


Our client, a leading provider of international private medical insurance, was suffering from falling market share. They looked to us to help redesign their product and channel strategy to keep them competitive and in command of a premium price position.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) gathered critical input of the client’s products, customer service, agent relationships, and communications strategy from 1) customers (focus groups and survey); 2) agents (in-depth interviews); 3) senior management in LatAm and at head office; 4) competitors; and 4) healthcare analysts. With this input, AMI helped the client streamline and improve their product offering, revamp their failing channel strategy and make improvements to their customer service performance.


With AMI’s research and recommendations, the client began the long and arduous process of reforming its product and channel strategy as well as implementing key changes to its customer service staffing structure.

Client Benefit

AMI provided the client with critical feedback from customers, agents, competitors and peers that helped them realign product and channel strategies to stay on top.

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