Market Sizing for Industrial Lubricants Sector


Market Sizing & Assessment


Our client required support in nine of the hemisphere’s smaller markets as it attempted to size and segments the lubricant market. The challenge to researchers in these countries is the absence of relevant published data combined with a large grey market that few understand and no one has quantified.


The first challenge was to size the market, which Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysts did by cross examining trade data with several metrics that drive demand for lubricants such as the number of cars, the size of the electrical generation industry, the shipping sector, etc.

In order to accurately segment the market by competitor, sector, product and channel, our team had to conduct dozens of interviews with different channel players who have at least some knowledge of their sub-market or channel and then question repeatedly every estimate until reasonable hypotheses were reached for each data point.


AMI’s findings and analysis enabled the client to gain true visibility of the market for the first time in many years and properly gauge its own performance vis-à-vis the competition by product category, sector and channel.

Client Benefit

AMI enabled the client to truly understand the market size and characteristics of its product and gauge its own market share vis-à-vis the competition.

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