Market Research for LatAm Beauty and Cosmetics Sectors


Market Share and Brand Awareness Analysis


Our client, a global leader in the personal care market, was losing market share to new, niche-oriented players in one of Latin America’s largest consumer markets. The client needed to understand why their brand was not holding up to this competitive pressure.


AMI conducted strategic interviews with clients (current, potential and former) as well as with distributors and wholesalers in order to create a brand perception map of the client versus both its traditional and new competitors.


The very frank and honest mapping of their own brand portfolio versus competitors provided a vital and objective road map for pushing through tough decisions internally in order to improve performance.

Our client fired brand managers, brought in new talent, withdrew from some segments, doubled down on others and within a 24 month period began to win back market share.

Client Benefit

The client gained accurate knowledge on a potential client base and was able to successfully market to a new demographic, expanding its service.

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