Market Expansion Study for LatAm Waste Management Equipment Supplier


Opportunity Benchmarking + Market Assessment


Our client, a leading supplier of waste management equipment, was looking to expand into one of two of Latin America’s largest markets and required a market expansion study that would compare demand forecasts, competitive pressures and the regulatory environment of both countries.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) studied the 10-20 largest municipal markets in both countries, looking at the age of their garbage truck fleets, their budget liquidities and their political cycle. As a result, AMI was able to construct a model that predicted both the timing and volume of future demand across the largest cities in both countries. Furthermore, we studied the state of readiness of competitors in both markets. Lastly, we considered their macro-economic and regulatory stability.

The results conclusively pointed to one of the two markets as very favorable, particularly from a demand growth potential but also from an economic and regulatory stability point of view.


AMI’s analysis led the client to aggressively pursue business expansion in the recommended market, achieving rapid growth over the following three years.

Client Benefit

The client was able to formulate a successful business strategy based on improved understanding of different markets, positioning, strengths and weakness.

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