Market Assessment for Retail Expansion


Market Assessment


Our client, a leading Latin American retailer, is constantly looking to second and third tier cities in which to grow its presence. Identifying opportunities lies as much in the market potential as the presence of competitors. Knowing where demand versus competition is mapped often determines the future success of a new store location.


On an ongoing basis, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducts hundreds of strategic consumer interviews in order to develop cartographic reports, outlining points of affluence, competitor locations, customer demand, SES levels, among other factors. The information is mapped out and a form of gap analysis (between demand and supply) is conducted, generating location recommendations.


AMI’s consumption mapping helped the client to make clear decisions on where its next stores ought to be located, which helps optimally manage their real-estate portfolio and maximize their success.

Client Benefit

AMI’s survey and interview results and analysis helped the client to identify the best prospects for new store locations, maximizing success in their expansion strategy.

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