Market Analysis of Online Travel Market in Brazil and Mexico


Market Assessment


A global leader in online sales of travel products & services (air tickets, hotel nights, car rental, among others) was seeking to enter Brazil and Mexico.

In order to craft an appropriate market entry strategy, the client was interested in gaining a deep understanding of online trends and anticipates how these would impact the travel industry.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) began the research process by gathering published information on travel trends in Brazil and Mexico, mapping out the inflow/outflow of tourists in the region. This served as a baseline for the subsequent steps of the research.

AMI then conducted in-depth interviews with airline companies, hotel chains, online and physical sellers of travel products & services, tourism associations, and travel agents in both countries.


AMI elaborated a detailed analysis of travel trends in Brazil and Mexico, highlighting the main destinations, purchasing criteria of business and leisure travelers, as well as hotel capabilities and service levels.
The report was complemented by an analysis of the e-commerce situation in both countries, identifying future trends and growth.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research enabled our client to gain a clear understanding of the Brazilian and Mexican online travel markets, in turn enabling them to craft successful market entry strategies — increasing their chances of success while simultaneously reducing risks.

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