LatAm Payment Industry Competitive Monitoring


Competitive intelligence for Latin American payments industry


Our client, a consulting firm specialized in payments, conducts a quarterly scan of developments in the payment industry in Peru, Mexico and Colombia for a large payment card network. Disillusioned with its current vendor, the client dismissed its previous provider and turned to Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) for help. As a market leader in a rapidly changing market, the end client wanted to monitor both traditional competitors as well as emerging competitors who might disrupt the market, including technology companies, payment gateways and others.


AMI committed to conducting four market scans per year, which would include, firstly, a scan of local media, payment industry publications, and other media, to identify relevant market developments. AMI then would confer with the end client’s country managers in each market to collectively select the items to focus on.
Once the priority developments are chosen, AMI consultants go back to the market to conduct more in-depth secondary research and phone interviews with relevant market players, including banks, retailers, payment gateways, acquirers.


Each quarter, AMI delivers to the client a PPT deck containing the selected industry developments and the analysis conducted. Each slide contains specific implications for the client, an assessment of the potential threat level, and how to seize specific opportunities.
Through insight gleaned in market interviews, the client gains access to inside information not available via public sources, enabling both the HQ and country offices to react swiftly and appropriately to market shifts and competitor advances.

Client Benefit

The client receives a quarterly scan of industry developments in three markets, helping it to stay abreast of competitors’ decisions and strategy.

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