Identifying Opportunities in the Mexican Trucking Market


Opportunity Benchmarking + Investment Research


Our client, an international shipping company, needed to understand the competitive environment in the industry to guide their insertion into Mexico.


With consultants on the ground in Mexico, the Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) team used secondary sources as well as interviews and mystery shopping techniques to collect data on market size, government regulation, competitor pricing, investment, and specialization, etc.


AMI delivered a comprehensive report on the competitive environment in the freight industry in Mexico and was able to make recommendations as to which are the best segments to invest in and which may prove to be unprofitable.

Recommendations were also made as to where to seek partners and what client base to reach out to. As a result, the client was able to successfully insert itself in the industry.

Client Benefit

AMI uncovered detailed information on the freighting segment in Mexico and the industry’s competitive landscape and competitor profiles.

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