Geomapping Consumers in Latin America


Consumer Insights/Opportunity Benchmarking


Growing at a CAGR of 15%, our client, a Latin American transnational, is on the constant lookout for rising opportunities. Operating in the retail space, they needed to obtain accurate, timely information on customers and potential customers. This information included elements such as where they live, where they shop and an analysis of their consumption patterns.


AMI conducted monthly geo-mapping of our client’s customers.

Adapting customer interview techniques by region, SES, gender, age and purchase preferences, the client characteristics were then synthesized and mapped (onto Google Earth).

Multi-level layering enabled our client to focus on elements such as the competitive footprint, potential partners, regions of affluence, amongst others. Once combined, these elements provided a clear guide on where to place the next retail outlet.


AMI’s detailed geo-maps enabled our client to quickly discern real opportunities from potential high stake losers.
Investing on the winning propositions has enabled our client to position the company as one of the premier retailers in Latin America and support their growth moving forward.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research enabled our client to discern winning propositions from potential high stake losers, thus increasing ROI during their expansion process.

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