Freight Forwarding Market Assessment in Colombia and Mexico


Market Assessment


Our client, an independent logistics industry veteran, was in the process of establishing a new freight forwarding company to service the Colombian and Mexican markets. In an effort to accelerate growth, he and his investors needed to understand the freight forwarding landscape in these two countries to build an initial business plan.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysts conducted first and secondary research to find a) the size of the market in each country and of Latin America as a whole; b) industry breakdown by service line; c) leading competitors and their market share; d) consumption breakdown and forecasted consumption growth; e) recent industry trends; and f) a detailed profile of mid-sized independent freight forwarders in six Latin American countries.


AMI’s report helped the client to understand market trends and the strength of the competition in Colombia and Mexico, enabling it to create a business plan to launch its new company.

Client Benefit

The client gained understanding of its industry in two countries where it plans on launching a new company, enabling it to develop a successful business plan.

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