Forecasting LatAm Economic Trends and Opportunities


Opportunity Benchmarking


To understand how to best pursue an expanded growth strategy in Latin America, a global logistics provider wanted to conduct a high level analysis of long-term Latin American economic trends and forecast economic performance, risks and opportunities.


Through primary and secondary research, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysts conducted a SWOT analysis of Latin America, determining long term drivers of growth, forecasted economic performance, specific market opportunities and the potential risks of doing business in the region, including a specific case study on the business environment in Mexico.


Through AMI forecasting, the client gained a general and long-term overview of Latin America and its business opportunities and pitfalls, enabling it to create a growth plan for its operations in the region over the next several years.

Client Benefit

AMI’s analysis presented long term growth prospects throughout Latin America, enabling the client to plan strategically for its future operations.

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